Who is Miller Integrated Solutions?

Miller Integrated Solutions delivers safe and reliable customized Mechanical, Industrial and Environmental solutions to the oil and gas, petrochemical, and energy sectors. With the acquisition of Belco Industrial Services 3 years ago, Miller gained 30 years of successful construction and mechanical expertise. Last year, when MJ Olsson became CEO, she applied her background and knowledge of both industrial cleaning and construction organizations to combine the offerings of Belco and Miller Environmental into a cohesive company focused on providing complete package solutions - Miller Integrated Solutions.

What Impact Can Integrated Solutions Provide for You?

By combining the strengths of a construction and mechanical company (Belco) with an industrial cleaning and environmental company (Miller Environmental), we can offer a complete range of services covering everything from newfield construction through brownfield remediation. We can build, clean, and demolish equipment and structures; as well as support any environmental needs throughout the lifecycle. Our approach is to work hand in hand with our customers to formulate a strategic, customized solution.

Integrated Tank Solutions

One aspect of plant maintenance where Miller offers immense experience, and a comprehensive array of services is integrated tank solutions. Our team solves tank cleaning, construction, and maintenance challenges from start to finish. Miller provides a customized solution for tank needs, including the following: foundation work, tank construction, bottom and roof replacement, repair, demolition, scaffolding, robotic tank cleaning, chemical cleaning, coatings, waste minimization, and disposal.


Our integrated solutions for turnarounds focus a wide range of services to a single source, simplifying the complexity and reducing overall cost. Miller provides customized solutions including: isolation and blinding, chemical cleaning, unit decontamination, scaffolding, in-unit and pad automated hydroblasting, hydro-cutting, pipe and vessel fabrication, specialty welding, fabrication, and installation of structural steel, vacuum truck support, and waste management and disposal.

Chemical Cleaning

Miller Integrated Solutions understands the importance of performing maintenance in ways that increase efficiency, reduce unit outages and extend runtime. We provide enhanced cleaning through vapor phase and circulation, acidizing and neutralization, passivation, pre-commissioning, fin fan, and on-line cleaning.

Environmental Services

Miller has been one of the leading spill response companies for decades and is U.S. Coast Guard OSRO certified. Further, Miller offers hazardous material cleanup, environmental remediation, pandemic/biohazard response, emergency event management, and waste management.

How Can Integrated Solutions Translate to Benefits

The ability to utilize one turnkey provider to solve maintenance and turnaround concerns across industrial cleaning, construction & mechanical and environmental services provides quantifiable benefits. Targeted benefits for our customers include reduced cost from synergies; abbreviated schedule; risk reduction and better communication through a centralized point of contact; and higher quality generated from having a complete understanding of the overall goals, concerns and intricacies of a project.

Cost Savings

As an asset owner, the ability to reduce costs or increase productivity on a turnaround or maintenance project, represents real bottom-line improvement. Integrated solutions from Miller deliver every time. In a tank renewal project, typically three or more contractors are engaged; a construction & mechanical company for repairs & replacements, an industrial cleaning company for the cleaning, and an environmental firm for waste oil & sludge removal. Add in a few more contractors for scaffolding, foundation work, coatings and rubber linings — and now you’ve got 6+ teams of workers on your site. Each of those teams has a project manager, foreman and safety personnel involved in their scope of work for your project. With Miller Integrated Solutions the overhead requirements are reduced. The cost savings from having 3-5 upper-level specialists working on your project versus 12-15 has demonstrated 3-5% reductions to total project cost.

Reduce Lost Production Time

For many of Miller’s customers, production uptime is a critical metric. Every day a unit is out for maintenance could cost millions of dollars in lost production. Integrated solutions provided by Miller increase the efficiency of the project schedule because the same management team is working across the entire scope and has a full understanding of the project at the highest level and how all components of the project work in synchronization needed for successful completion. This alignment generates improved planning and scheduling of the project critical path resulting in optimized project completion.

One Point of Contact

Another benefit of Miller Integrated Solutions is having a single point of contact. As outlined above, the historical model for executing many of the projects within a plant entails hiring multiple firms to provide the various services needed, resulting in multiple points of contact. Important details like schedule or scope changes that occur in a project must be communicated multiple times between all the various parties. The result is better communication and more transparency.

Better Results

There is an old quote that states, “If your only tool is a hammer, you will treat all of your problems like a nail.” Because of the breadth of services Miller offers, we can provide unique solutions that our competitors in any service line may not consider. This is the result of the diversity provided by a workforce with experience in various individual disciplines, working together to achieve common goals. Because Miller has a vast cache of different tools available, we can generate creative solutions and better results. Miller Integrated Solutions welcomes the opportunity to deepen the trust gained through 35 years of service and leverage our Integrated Solutions approach to solve your challenges.

Posted: January 11, 2022